We support Creative Art for social change and violence Reduction.

Communities undergoing post conflict reconstruction often have so much to tell about their life before, during and after the conflict both back at home and in foreign land. ​Our strategy is to provide a platform that promotes social action for dialogue within their skill set and knowledge. Click here to listen to youth in N. Uganda during our outreach  

Our Target

Children, youth  and women form the largest section of vulnerable population during conflict. when conflicts go on for an extended period without durable solution, communities loose their social values and norms. It is important that such communities are given a special programme to recollect and revive their culture.

We utilise local abilities and resources to demonstrate meanings to represent their narratives for conflict transformation. In this way, we amplify voices of reason and create lasting co-existence for peace and stability.  


We encourage participation from the communities in identifying issues, demanding for community discussions on policy and wellbeing of our target beneficiaries. 

Community theatre approach has enabled us to reach out the young people in the format they admire. Supporting the community theatre is key at this time of COVID19.


VISO has continued to influence community action for prevention of further spread of the virus in northern Uganda. 

To listen to the community voices captured during outreach, Click the link below

VISO's SPEACE Project, CVE project in Uganda, PVE Project in Uganda, Violence Prevention Project among refugees in Uganda,

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